About 🗿


After several years of trying out being a pastry chef, a buyer for a watch company, content manager, writing product text to outdoor equipment, making print ads, visual web design, front end developer, UX -designer I have come to the conclusion I’m nothing else but a User researcher. I think deep down I have always known that I’m a researcher at heart. That is what I always loved, and what’s really get’s me going. My foundation lies in Qualitative data but I’m taking a very active step into the realms of Quantitative data now. Where my computer science background absolutely helps me, and I think the background in UX and qualitative data adds another perspective into the User Research path I have been walking on for years now, and love love love.

I love experimenting with methods and data visualisations, you can read and listen more about my latest eye tracking study here, where I got to experiment with some eye tracking technology. 

In all fairness I do not love technology for tech sake, I like technology when it enables you to create a great user experience or when it enables the type of research needed to be done to understand more complex phenomena’s. But do I like or am I interested in smart lightning, smart home devices and such – NO.

What have I done then?

Over the fact that I spend one summer baking wedding cakes I have worked as a researcher at different agencies with clients like Nike, SF kids, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Fotografiska, Zmarta. The last five years I have been leading the user research team at SBAB (bank). And I have now (2022) taken over the role as head of UX (User research team is part of the UX team). With the vision of taking us into the next paradigm in being a datadriven organisation. We’re starting to become good at collecting data, the shift now is to get smarter around analysis and making data into insights and trace that all the way to delivery and back again. A paradigm shift I believe so many companies are in right now.

Me me

I like work, and yes I do define myself alot with the field I’m acting in. But I do really appreciate me-time. Being outdoor, cooking, playing games and some gardening.

That’s all

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