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  • Lecture slides

    Once again I was asked to talk about stuff I like. Most of the time I rave about stuff I don’t like (yes I’m that kind of person). I’m not a very “public” or social person, but I don’t mind talking in front if people, yes really. Especially when it comes to these kind of […]

  • Thoughts about working with Use Qualities

    Maybe we need to talk a little about different “methods” (it is very diffuse what we can define as methods) to create more user friendly sites, not usability but quality in use (I know, fancy stuff right here). We can talk about conversions, how many clicks does a 2D button generate vs. a 3D button […]

  • How to choose Prototyping tools

    I really do not have any answer to the title, but at least we can discuss it a little. Prototyping can probably save you a lot of developing time, and also be a very good method to actually try your product without investing too much time and money. To test concepts, user experience, you can […]

  • A weird Lecture in Producing for digital spaces

    So this is quite strange. Once upon a time a held a lecture for a couple of Art Director students from Miami Ad School. You might wonder “who on earth would give such a task to Moa”, but someone did, and it was a lot of fun. The lecture was about producing for digital platforms. […]