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  • 🥗 Plating counts – Food for thought

    I’v been thinking a bit about how to explain a certain problem area, which I think many companies are stuck at today (including me). The problem domain I’m talking about is going from being good at collecting data to actually making it in to customer value. I think it is a bit of a paradigm […]

  • Stockholm Xperience Conference – a case study

    Spoke a bit about my study investigating if there are any differences in gaze patterns between respondent with and without Autism. Also look at that cover image on the video… splendid 👌 F pattern – slow reading Layer Cake pattern rapidly skimming the page

  • Eye tracking A method study

    I have done a method study, using eye tracking. Abstract: This paper describes a qualitative study with the goal of investigating if eye tracking is a relevant method when performing usability tests with respondents with autism. The study explores this through performing usability tests with two target groups, five respondents with autism and four without. […]

  • Diary study – The real value

    So diary studies, a quite common method to collect data over a longer period of time. Experience sampling method (ESM) is a form of diary study, but the respondent get’s to record what is happening in the moment with the support of some tool, instead of recording the diary entry retroactive. One problem with diary […]

  • Data driven user journey – A method I’m trying out

    So, I have done quite many expert evaluations throughout the years. It’s time efficient and cost effective. If you don’t know what it is, it’s an evaluation method where you act as an expert, and you can use different frameworks, but I guess the most famous one is the 10 heuristics created by Jacob Nilsen. […]

  • Subliminal error variables in forms – Could it effect the result?

    Introduction I had a teacher during junior high (högstadiet) who always said, “let’s move on before Moa starts thinking”. And now I’m on it again, I don’t say my thinking makes sense, but I’m putting it out into the world anyway. I like my job, I feel highly stimulated and challenged by it, creating the […]

  • User Experience a process beyond digital interfaces

    Building a foundation based on User experience It’s not really about redefining what User Experience means as a job title, is more about widening it. I watch series such as Netflix Abstract and Chef’s table, series that romanticise the madness behind artistic work, the effort some people put down in what they do, the almost […]

  • User control – And trust issues

    Lately I’ve been obsessing about Affective computing and where that is taking us. Maybe we are obsessing over AI (artificial intelligence) for no good reasons. Maybe AI is just another tool for making us consume more and making us lazier than we already are. As usual, I have no clue. I believe that AI and […]

  • Rethinking knowledge The day you discovered teachers could be wrong

    When you’re a kid you basically believe anything everyone says to you, you’re gullible. The reason for this is that you don’t have anything to validate these “so-called-facts” against. Probably because you don’t understand the concept of fact checking or source criticism. Which makes sense, you’re a kid and haven’t walked the earth for a […]

  • Lecture slides – Designing Interactions

    Another Lecture another slide That’s all, go away now.