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  • Does HCI borrow to much from other fields?

    Lately I have been thinking about frameworks and methods in HCI, this was also something I discussed during my lecture (pretentious much). I believe that Interaction Designers and the title itself has a hard time standing on its own. You can’t “just” be an Interaction Designer (well you can, but I’m trying to make a […]

  • On the hunt for so called knowledge

    I recently heard the word-knowledge portfolio, I liked that word. It feels like it explains a lot. I talked earlier about why I think it is so hard to define your skills in percent, and how I instead would like to try to define what I’m most genuinely interested in. I do believe that represents […]

  • Trends, might be a little bit of a problem

    Being trendy has a nice ring to it, hasn’t it? I’m a super trendy person, I wear Celiné, Acne and round Tom Ford glasses. Yes that’s right, “super trendy”. Well I’m being sarcastic and shit right now, but it has a nice sound to it, being trendy. But I do think one needs to be […]

  • A brief take on measuring your skills in percent
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    You know those “skill pie charts”? You can find them in portfolios and resumes, I would just like to explain myself why I choose not to do one of those. It feels like writing your skills in percent is like trying to establish how many minutes “soon” is for a three year old (in Sweden […]

  • responsive design, context and the definition of the two of them
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    If you’re out there looking for a new job or maybe trying to sell some fancy digital solution, you always make sure everyone knows how to develop and design responsive. You talk about responsive design like everyone out there actually knows what it is, it’s just like blabbing out fancy HCI-related letter combinations and technical […]