moa bogren
User Experience designer/researcher

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Where is my portfolio?

You might ask, or not. But I don’t have one, or I don’t have one where I show off all the cool things I have designed. For I have no cool stuff to show off, because I’m not a very good visual designer. 

I’ve tried doing visual design, I have tried working as a front end developer. I learned a lot, especially about the fact that I’m not good at it. I really found my interest and motivation in research, I loved it in school and apparently I love it at work. I use visualisation as a tool to communicate data, such as user journeys and personas and such, but I very rarely design anything which would be consumed by the end user directly, but of course indirect.

I found a good role for myself now, working hands-on with research but also as a strategist trying to find the best solutions to create data-driven processes, and methods suitable for specific projects. I might not be innovative in a common sense, but I do like experimenting with methods, combining quantitative and qualitative data, and finding new ways to visualise them so it can be used by almost everyone, even though I would say my strength is qualitative data.

What have I done then?

Ok I have nothing to show, but I have worked with Fotografiska, Notar, SF play, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Nike and more. Now I work at SBAB. I work in the UX-team as a user research manager – I work cross teams and with overall strategy but also hands on on different projects. I collected some thoughts about my work in posts on the first page, which might act as portfolio.

I love working but I also love “me-time”

I like work, and yes a lot of things in my life is work related, articles, literature, meet up’s, discussions and so on. But I also appreciate my free-time, being out doing nature stuff, work out, yoga, climbing, go to the cinema, playing games, cook and eat.

So I’m not good at everything, but hopefully I’m decent at the things that interests me.

That’s all

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