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I dislike rating my skills in percent, it says nothing about my ability to do a good job (100% of what?). I would like to say I’m fairly good at things that interests me.

I have worked on the client side but spend my last years working for agencies. Something I have learnt over the years is that I don’t need to be best at everything. I value almost all kind of knowledge, but at some point I realised I couldn’t fight all battles. I appreciate everything I learnt from working as a frontend developer, but it was also over that period of time I really figured out that it was not for me. So instead of selling myself as “everything” I will be pretty straight forward and say I’m a UX-designer, but with a good sense of technical constraints and structure. My work/life is also fairly themed based, sometimes I’m really into Affective computing and the other day I’m all into refining design systems and UX-processes, but in the end the goal is to tie all of that together into one big knowledge bank.

I like work, and yes a lot of things in my life is work related, articles, literature, meet up’s, discussion and so on. But I also appreciate free time, being out doing nature stuff, work out, do yoga, go to the cinema, cook and eat, just so you understand that I do have a private life and I do value it a lot. Sometimes the best ideas comes when taking a break from trying to come up with great ideas, and sometimes a break from the office will energise you. I have a couple of UX-lectures every year, for beginners. What I always tell them is to explore the context which they are designing for, even though you might not come up with revolutionary ideas, it still gives you perspective, and it’s nice to get some fresh air.

I’m not good at everything, but I’m ok at some stuff. I’m always open for a discussion.

That’s all

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