Sketch with Craft is nice, I guess
No it really is
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So have you tried this?

It’s pretty neat right?
Gonna talk a little briefly about stuff.

Well, you have probably already adapted the art of “content first”. Content first in a design aspect is probably the way to go, to be able to create the best looking and user friendly site. No just kidding, in my experience content arrives from the client the day before launch.

But it is still a comforting idea.

If you’re a Web designer, Interaction Designer, Developer who liksed fiddeling with design or whatever, and have not yet tried Sketch, you should, you might like it, or you might never go back to Photoshop or whatever program you use. Because Sketch has one purpose only, and that is to make it as easy for you as a web-designer as possible. I also think it might become easier to create more seamless hands over internally in your dev-team.

For example, Sketch has something called symbols, with symbols you can create what in “front end developing” is called components and modules. And these can be globally re-designed,which means you don’t have to go in to every single artboard to update one component, you can do this i PS to, but not quite as easy. When creating symbols or components as I like to call it, you can change some elements unique to the context it is used in, as text and images, because you might not want the same content in that specific  symbol/component in every place you use it, that is just not realistic design. The symbols are still missing some vital features, but I think it will come.

Craft is a Sketch plug in created by InVision. Craft is a splendid little helper. With Craft you can place real content from websites or locally direct in to your design. You can randomize images from Unsplash to your sketch file, without the hassle of saving the images, mask it in to your placeholder and so forth. Craft also makes it possible to duplicate certain items in to a custom grid, or maybe over a certain area.

With Craft you can use real content from websites, like adresses, articles and names divided in to categories, the same with images form Unsplash, instead of stupid dummy data. I guess you have just like me, adapted the dummy content for your design to fit the design. And than you discover the real data doesn’t fit into your beautiful layout.
But the new thing is that JSON-fill in Craft/Sketch. You can now use data from a public API endpoint or a JSON file direct from your computer. I tried this earlier with Spotify’s open API. If you wanna try, you can try with this one
This is Craft lates update.

Now we’re waiting for Craft to release it’s prototyping tool, and me being not a very easly excited person, almost feel excited about this.

Be aware that Sketch and Craft are not magical programs, they have faults, and they are certainly under develop. But for me it works really well. These two together are really made for web-design only. A couple of warnings though. Sketch SVG are not reliable for front end use (the never seem to be able to fix it). Updating Sketch can cause problem, but be patience, they usually solves the problem after 20 000 designer have written “fuck of” on their facebook page.

I’m probably gonna write more on this topic, because it really feels like Sketch can become the program which makes it easier for developers and designer to almost talk the same language. But who am I to say that? I’m a looser.