So Linkedin is a thing
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Most of the time people get a little surprised about the fact that I do not indulge in social media platforms, such as FaceTube, InstaTweet ot TweetTweet. I don’t have What’sSnap or SnapApp. People tend to think this is quite weird, because I work with “things” that is most of the time published on the Internet. Yes, The Internet, because if you’re using any other network than the Internet you might want to change, Internet is a thing right now, and has been for quite some time.

I’m not actively against it, it is just not for me (social media, not The internet).

Trust me, I do not criticise social media, or the people indulging in it, but it is just not for me (I have tried it, and well I’m writing this).

So, to the point. I’m on Linkedin.

Whatever. You find mer here.